Air Date: 7.23.2012


Give to those affected by the Aurora Shooting.
I would like to take a moment honoring and remembering my friends and neighbors who lost friends and all the other poor souls affected in the horrible shooting that took place at the Century 16 theater. For those who don't know. I live in Aurora Colorado and the shooting took place at a theater less than a mile from a house. I frequent that very theater often and could have easily been there during those horrific events. People were just excited to see their favorite and did not deserve to be a part of the nightmare concocted by an obvious madman and his feeble attempt to get attention. For that, I did not want to give him any more of my attention by making a comic about him or the situation he caused, so I instead wanted to bring the laughter back. The Dark Knight Rises was a good movie. Not better than The Dark Knight, but a great end cap to the series. Throughout the entire movie, I had one burning question and the comic above explains exactly what that was.

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