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Forum: A long time ago Forum existed as a teenager who’s life ambition was to belittle and beguile every individual he comes across on the internet with a hateful, racist, and purely vulgar perspective on all topics. Feeling like the only correct person in the world he slapped people with his disgusting views until one day he insulted the wrong person. Username **ImARealWitch4532** slapped him with a horrible curse, the [Troll][/Troll] html source code, turning him into a horrible slimy green mountain troll. However, what that witch failed to realize, is NOTHING phases an internet troll. Forum hardly noticed his horrible disfigurement and continued his tirade of hate speech, taking it offline and going face to face with people who merely have a simple question needing answering. Despite having his ass handed to him repeatedly, not just by his drunken stepfather at the trailer park, but by most of society, nothing phases a troll and what doesn’t kill him…sadly doesn’t kill him.


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